About us

Jeem Investment Holding,  aims to acquire a strong investment platform in the future, which is the primary objective of the company’s owners. The company is active in various sectors such as transportation, building materials, real estate development, Strong international in the above sectors with a view to implementing projects by leveraging our very strong network of high-level contacts within the GCC and Middle East region.


Specialized in the sale and import of fire protection and safety equipment and installation and maintenance of fire extinguishing devices and equipment through a group of engineers and technicians with distinguished experience and holders of international certificates specialized in the field of occupational safety and environmental protection and fire prevention, providing the latest technology and international standards in Global safety and environmental protection.


Siporex is a specialist manufacturer of concrete mixers and concrete mixing plants. The company offers a variety of services such as design, manufacturing, installation, and debugging and after-sales service through reliable and high-performance standards.

3-Jeem United

Specialized in the installation of industrial kitchens for hotels, restaurants and cinemas depending on two characters with high experience on demand. The installation is characterized by the United Nations company has a team of highly experienced and dealing with suppliers from all over the world provide the company with the fine materials, Allowing the competition of major manufacturers in the region.

4-Jeem Tadweer

Specialized in the recycling of all metals such as iron, copper and aluminum (Scrap.

5-Touch solution for Information Technology

Touch Solution provides comprehensive solutions for surveillance cameras and networks and everything related to technology in general. Touch Solution is a leading company specialized in the world of communications and IT solutions and electronic protection technologies through the innovative solutions provided by the company and also helps to help modern organizations to make technology services Information responds to business requirements.