Jeem Investment Holding Company

Jeem Investment Holding Company

Jeem Investment Holding,  aims to acquire a strong investment platform in the future, which is the primary objective of the company’s owners. The company is active in various sectors such as transportation, building materials, real estate development, Strong international in the above sectors with a view to implementing projects by leveraging our very strong network of high-level contacts within the GCC and Middle East region.

Vision, mission and goals


Our company will be a strong platform for future investment and a unique destination for entrepreneurs and investors in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.



Provide a distinctive service for entrepreneurs in many fields such (transportation – construction – real estate-technology..etc) and assist investors to start the project and what are the factors of success on which it depends. Providing access to member markets, and collaborating with other GCC economies.

Goal of Company

Jeem Investment Holding aims to be a world-class investment management organization committed to continuously improving the methodology in which it operates.


Our investment


Specialized in the recycling of all metals such as iron, copper and aluminum (Scrap).


Specialized in the installation of industrial kitchens for hotels, restaurants and cinemas. With craftsmenship of high experience and skills in manufacturing and installation.


Specialized in the manufacturing, sale and import of fire protection and safety equipment and maintenance of fire extinguishing devices and equipment through a group of highly skilled engineers and technicians.

Touch Solution

The company is specialized in everything that is technical, such as the implementation of projects for the installation of cameras and networks and everything related.


SIPOREX is a specialist manufacturer of concrete mixers and concrete mixing plants. The company offers a variety of services such as design, manufacturing, installation.

Number of Employees


Years of Experience


Our investment